How To Qualify for a Color Guard Scholarship

Colour guard scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships. It is awarded by quite a few organisations like Winter Guard International which organise many indoor colour guard events throughout the year.

Many people apply for the colour guard scholarship, but only few of them qualify for it. If you are looking forward to get this prestigious scholarship, you can follow the given steps.


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    First, you have to enhance your knowledge about the tasks which the colour guards perform. You should join the colour guard camps which will provide you great understanding about the necessary duties which are performed by a colour guard. Additionally, it is very important for you to look for a camp which is nearer to your residence so that you can reach their easily. By joining a camp, you can enhance your colour guard techniques which will definitely improve your chances of qualifying for the scholarship.

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    After getting proper training from a colour guard camp, you can take part in the Winter Guard International championship. If you will be able to perform well in the championship, your name can be nominated for a scholarship. You can go to the WGI website to get further details. You must go through the instructions well before taking part in the contest in order to understand the WGI’s evaluation criteria.

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    There are many websites on the internet from where you can search for colour guard scholarships. One of the very famous websites is You should not limit yourself to only one scholarship. Therefore, you must apply to every place where you see a chance of getting a scholarship.

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    If you are a member of your school band, you can also go to your band adviser in order to get help regarding the colour guard scholarship.

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    You should participate in the auditions which are conducted by field or military groups. You must keep in mind that some of the schools issue grants to their bright students who perform well in the bands. Therefore, you should never miss any opportunity and must take active part in the programmes organised in your school.

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    You should work hard to qualify for the Putnam Guard Scholarship or the Norman Gaudet Guard Scholarship which are offered by NESBA (New England Scholastic Band Association).

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