How to Reduce Workplace Stressors

Not every work is full of fun and peace. Simple exercises for physical and mental relaxation will help to tone up the body and mind, and then the mood will improve, ultimately taking out the stress.

The modern office worker smokes cigarettes and eats food during working hours to get rid of stress. However, all these methods affect health adversely and reduce life expectancy. There are other, useful and simple, options for avoiding stress at work.

Stress at work can occur for various reasons: conflicts with superiors or colleagues or experiencing difficulties with clients. Thus, stress can be very tiring.


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    Wake up at the same time, in the morning and start your day after taking a contrast shower. This will help you to be in good shape and will help in boosting your energy for the entire working day.

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    Try to leave home early. Morning rush increases the release of adrenaline, which can affect your emotional background and this in turn can lead to loss of control over the emotions throughout the day.

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    Take short breaks after one or two hours. After work, you can go to the gym, can take sauna bath at home. You can find a place of harmony where you can relax and bring your nervous system to order. Find a room where no one will disturb you. Seek fresh air.

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    Rather than sitting idle during office break or using social networks, do a simple exercise. Depending on the complexity of the work, do little stretch exercises 5-7 times a day for 2-7 minutes. Try to strain every muscle group. Squeeze your hands into fists, bending your wrist at the wrist joint. Lift your shoulders and bend your elbows, shoulders, and lower pare them down. A good way to relax is to give your hands a break. These simple workouts do not distract you from your work.

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    Keep an eye on air ventilation in the room. The fresh air will saturate your brain with oxygen and help it work more efficiently. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, which improve the body and removes unwanted toxins.

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    Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose for a count of 5. Do this several times and you will feel much better.

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