How to Remove a Person from a Photo Using Photoshop

Editing digital images is easier than editing traditional film. Although it is possible to edit digital images using Microsoft Paint, it is recommended to use Adobe Photoshop as it allows you to manipulate photographs. Photoshop is an extremely smart and user friendly application that is particular helpful when you want to remove an unwelcome person from the picture. Sometimes, cropping is done to get this job done but may not work with some types of images and you can use Photoshop to make the person disappear.

Things Required:

– Computer with Adobe Photoshop
– JPEG digital image to edit on your computer


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    Consider turning on your computer. Wait for Windows to load and then provide your control panel information to access the desktop menu. From the start up menu, find Adobe Photoshop application. If you do not have Photoshop software installed on your computer, you will be required to navigate to Adobe official website. On the website, look for the products and services category. Find the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and download it. Save and run the application. Remember that Photoshop can be expensive so be prepared for this.

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    Run the program when it is completely installed. Find the File menu in the upper left hand corner of the Adobe Photoshop window. As you click the File Menu, you will see a list of drop down menus. Clicking Open from the File menu will open another window that will allow you to choose your desired image from your computer. For those who want to transfer the picture from their mobile phone or USB device, they should consider connecting the device to their computer using a USB cable. Always use the appropriate cable designed for your particular brand of phone.

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    It is recommended to determine if this technique will work for you before actually removing the person from the photograph. The person you wish to disappear is likely to be on the extreme left or right of the picture, with a background that will mix well with the rest of the picture.

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    Find the tool bar on the left of the image. Click the patch tool by placing your cursor and right clicking right above the tool. Now move the cursor over the object you want to remove from the image. Hold down to see a list of available options and use your mouse to circle the person, without touching other people in the picture. From File menu, click Save As to save the edited version of the photograph on your computer. Remember to take your time as you trace around the person you want to remove.

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