How to Remove Door Panels From a 1999 Ford Expedition

Removing door panels from any car is difficult. You need to take care various things before you remove door panels from a 1999 Ford Expedition. It is a slightly complex process but you need to see a variety of things before you start removing the door panels. Many car mechanics say that it is very difficult to remove door panels from this particular car. However there are plenty of ways which will guide you through all the small details regarding removing them. The door panels of any car needs great care if you have plans to remove them.


  • 1

    Removal of door panels

    You need to release the top portion first and then see how it goes. Releasing the panels means that you have opened up a gap in the upper panels and now ready to remove them. It is very important to keep any eye on what you are doing. If something breaks while removing the panels it will significantly cost you. You can also take help from different and reliable sources which will guide you through all the small details.

  • 2

    Removing window regulator

    Once you have released the top portion first, now you need to remove the window regulator and switch the plate. It is very important to know that these small things will give you confidence to keep going.

  • 3

    Disconnecting electrical connectors

    Disconnecting electrical connectors is also very important in removing the door panels. It will make it easier to remove the door panels. You need to focus that you carefully remove the door panels.

  • 4

    Removing upper door panel

    Now you should remove the upper door panel with a screwdriver. It is important that after disconnecting all electrical connectors, you will make it easier to remove the upper door panel.

  • 5

    Removing door trim panel

    After removing the upper door panel, now you should remove the door trim panel with the help of a screwdriver. As you will remove the door trim panel, you will see the window regulator switch plate opening.

  • 6

    Remove the other door panel

    The switch plate opening will make it easier to remove the other door panel.

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