How to Remove a Permanent Marker Stain From Your Car

Permanent marker stains look very ugly especially if you have recently bought a new car or if you have recently spent quite a lot of money to get the car upholstery changed. Avoiding permanent marker stains can be a difficult thing if you driver your children to school every day. So, if it is difficult to avoid something, the best thing is to know how to get rid of it when it does happen.

Car seats are most liked to get stained by permanent marker ink. The idea to remove permanent marker stains without too much of a heck is to act quickly because if you let the stains dry or soak into the leather, it will be very difficult to remove them. Some permanent marker stains become a nuisance and can not be removed using one method, so you are forced to try another one.

Things Required:

– Paper towels

– Hairspray bottle

– Cotton balls

– Rubbing alcohol

– Turpentine


  • 1

    Using a paper towel, blot the stain that you are trying to remove. Avoid rubbing it because if you do so, you will end up spreading the stain on a larger area.

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    Spray a uniform layer of hairspray from a hairspray bottle on the stain. Give the hairspray at least a couple of minutes to soak in the stain properly.

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    Using a clean paper towel, wipe clean the stain. See if the stain is completely removed or not. If not, spray more hairspray and let is soak as before. To wipe clean the stain again, use a different paper towel because the first paper towel would have accumulated some of the permanent marker ink and will only make the stain worst if you used again.

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    If the stain does not go away with the hairspray method, try a different technique. Use rubbing alcohol as the cleaning material. Take a cotton ball and completely soak it in the rubbing alcohol. Gently rub the stain with the alcohol soaked cotton ball.

    When repeating this step, remember to use a different cotton ball each time.

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    In case your car seats are made of leather, the best way to remove permanent marker stains is to use a small quantity of turpentine. When you are done blotting the stain, apply a small amount of turpentine on a lean piece of cloth or a paper towel and rub it on the stained area in gentle but firm strokes.

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