How To Replace A Damaged Ceiling Tile

Damaged ceiling tiles not only look ugly but affect the overall look of your house. Rather than getting into the headache of repairing the damaged tile, it is much better to replace it. Now you might be thinking that replacing a damaged ceiling tile will be a difficult process and it is better to call some help. It is a matter of 30 to 45 minutes and you can replace the damaged ceiling tile with the help of few easily available materials.

Things Required:

– Utility Knife
– Large measuring scale
– Caulking gun
– Panel adhesive
– New ceiling tile


  • 1

    Remove the damaged ceiling tile

    Push the damaged ceiling tile up, turn it slightly and gently pull it out of the ceiling frame. Set it aside to use it in the measurement of the new tile. Be sure that if you are using a ladder to climb up on then have a friend or family member securely hold it for you. Be sure to get all the damaged tile out of the ceiling in one piece if possible as this will make it easier to replace it.

  • 2

    Prepare the ceiling frame

    Once you removed the tile, clean all the old staples or adhesives around the frame. Take your time while doing this as you will want to make sure the area under and around the removed tile has been properly cleaned out.

  • 3

    Prepare new ceiling tile

    Use a sharp utility knife to trim the appropriate edges from the new ceiling tile, guiding the cuts with a large scale. Be careful while using the utility knife as it is very sharp and can cause some serious damage.

  • 4

    Install the new ceiling tile

    Apply fresh panel adhesive to the corners of the tile’s frame, using a caulking gun. Fit the tongue edge of the new ceiling tile in first, press it into the frame and hold it firmly for few minutes until the adhesive grabs it properly. Remove the extra adhesive in order to give your new ceiling tile a clean and nice finishing touch. Make sure that the tile is properly secure and fits neatly in to the slot that has been cleaned out. You might want to replace some of the tiles around the damaged one as it will give a uniform look.

  • 5

    Call professional:

    If you find it difficult to do this yourself or if you have tried it and it did not look right then it might be time to call a professional to come and replace the damaged ceiling tile. Usually a professional will charge by the hour so make sure that you are ready to spend a decent amount of money.

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