How to Replace a Lost Marriage License in North Carolina

If you got married and lost your marriage license, you might think you are in trouble but you can easily get a replacement marriage license by following a few simple instructions. For those who lost their marriage license in North Carolina, they will be glad to know that the state has worked hard to ensure easy access to legal records including marriage certificates. Although the recommended way to get a replacement license is in person, North Carolina allows you to obtain a duplicate of your marriage certificate even if you have moved.

Things required:

– Official record request form
– Photo ID


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    Consider navigating to North Carolina state website. The link to the website can be found be searching for North Carolina state office in Google search engine. Download the form available on the website and then print a copy of it. Take your time when filling out the application form. All the required information must be provided. Remember, if you do not attach the requested documents and information, your application is likely to be rejected. You must also provide the reason why you want to get a replacement for the original license. If you are looking to request your copy online, make sure you have collected all the required details.

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    If you have decided to submit your replacement marriage certificate application in person, consider visiting the Memorial Health building, which is located at 225 North McDowell Street. Submitting the application in person ensures the fastest service and if you need the marriage certificate as part of your visa application process, it is recommended to obtain the copy as soon as possible.

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    Before going to the Memorial Health Building, make sure you take photo identification with you to prove that you have the legal right to request the replacement marriage certificate. Payments can be made in cash or using a debit or credit card. For same day service, you will be asked to pay a fee of $15.

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    If you are unable to visit the Memorial Health building, consider sending your application over the phone. This can be done by calling 800 669 8310 and reporting that you were unable to come in person due to unforeseen circumstances. Copy of your marriage certificate will be sent through recorded delivery.

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