How to Run Diamond Jewellery Wholesale Business

In this modern day and age, anybody with interest, can kick start his/her diamond wholesale business right from home. There is no need to establish a retail store where there are theft risks and rental issues.


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    Get Knowledge of Diamonds

    The first step you need to follow is to get as much information as you can about diamonds. You should be a jewel expert if you are to start a wholesale business.

    There are variety of mediums through which this can be achieved. For starters, you can enrol in a professional course, and meet with jewelry experts to get some tips and advices. Learn from different sources so that you can be regarded as an expert.

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    Collect Info of Diamond Market

    Visit the nearest diamond stores that are offering diamond wholesale jewelry to their customers. You should interract with maximum jewelers to know more about their offers and dealing. In addition, check the international market too. Become a part of international diamond trade forums and try to gather useful details about this market, its challenges and threats.

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    Avoid Middlemen

    It is a fact that middlemen increase the price of diamond. You should try to avoid them and instead go for direct dealing with the diamond trader.

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    Insure your Inventory

    Once you have bought the diamond inventory, next step you need to follow is to insure your inventory. You should contact an agent who can offer the best and reasonably priced insurance policy.

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    Start Marketing and Promotion

    Start the promotional campaign of your diamond wholesale business as soon as you are set up, may be even a bit before. Try direct mails, newsletters, brochures, etc. You can find interesting ideas of promotion through web.

    You can also hire a marketing consultant who will charge a little but can be of great help. He will provide you a roadmap to follow. Remember, you not only need brochure but also certificate of authenticity.

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    Create Social connections

    It’s indeed the most important steps at current time. You should create social accounts for your online diamond wholesale website. Accounts should be created on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others. Try to get most out of social media. The more connections you have, the more sales there will be.

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    Add Content to Website

    If you want to get noticed by retailers and end users then you need to add around 5 to ten articles first, and after that, you need to update your website on the daily basis. Try to add informative articles regarding the diamond business. Keep your website alive so that you are in a position to get constant attention and regular sale.

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