How to Set Up a Wireless Router in your Home

Without Internet, life looks very boring these days, especially when you on vacations. So, it is very important to have Internet at home. With time, we have seen plenty of development in every field of technology.

Now, the typical cable Internet has become a matter of past. It is the age of Wifi. With Wireless Internet at home, you don’t need to sit at one particular place to go online. You can take your laptop or mobile phone and use the internet from anyplace you want.

As far as the quality issues are concerned, the new Wifi technology is as good as cable, if not better. It allows you sit anywhere within the range of the Wifi and do whatever you want. Moreover, a family can use more than one computer at a time now.

Turning your typical Internet connection into a Wireless is not a tough task. Most of the service providers now offer special Wifi modem, but if it is not available, you just need to attach a Wifi router to your modem, and change the situation entirely.


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    Obtain Necessary Equipment

    First of all, make sure you have all the required stuff. One of the very basic needs is a working broadband Internet connection. Assuming that you would have it, you need a wireless router that may need a disc to install. If applicable, the disc would be a part of your wireless router package.

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    Connect Router

    After reading all the directions, connect your wireless router. If it is not a wireless modem itself, connect the router to the current modem. It is always better to disconnect the power cable before making any move.

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    Turn on Router

    Your wireless router may have a separate power button. You need to push the button to start the proceedings. Once the router is turned off, most of the job has been done.

    There might be a few little lights on the router. Make sure they are blinking. This step ensures that the Internet connection now flows between the cables to the wireless router.

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    Configure Settings

    After connecting all the equipments, it is the time to configure your settings. Search for the available wireless connections and connect your device.

    It is always better to give a particular name to your connection, because there might be a few more networks available. Also set a password to stop others from using your internet.

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