How to Start a Mortgage Loan Business

How to do well in the mortgage business? How to start a mortgage business? How to start your own mortgage company? How to achieve success in mortgage loan business? These are some of the questions that come in our mind when we think of starting a Mortgage Loan business. However, for those who are interested in making investment in this sector, there is good news as starting a mortgage loan business may not be as difficult as it sounds. Of course, there are countless benefits of starting your own business, including working the hours your want and retaining decent commissions on various deals.

While as a full time employee you have to learn how to avoid politics and drama at the office, you can create your success opportunities after starting a personal business. However, it should be noted that the logistics should be handled very carefully to get your mortgage loan business up and running.

Essentially, mortgage banking business is completely different from mortgage brokerage business. Obtaining the license for mortgage loan business is also a very complex process and it usually required a detailed application procedure.


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    Firstly, you must contract the office in your state that is responsible for issuing mortgage banking licenses. Talk to the call operator on the phone and have the application package delivered to your home. Sometimes, there is a non refundable fee attached to the application process. Depending on the area of your residence, there will be a fee ranging from $800 to $4000.

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    Most of the states will need to know their net worth before starting the application process. Therefore, you must evaluate yourself before continuing with the procedure. Typically, the states required your net worth to be in $150,000 to $500,000 range. You could also be asked to be insured and bonded as per the state laws. A detailed balance sheet must be provided through an attorney.

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    There is also the need to clear up your credit report of any pending accounts. If your credit history is poor and you have missed direct debit payments in the past, there are strong chances your application will be declined. Therefore, it is recommended to work on your credit score and re-establish yourself in that regard before starting the application process.

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    For starting the mortgage loan business, you must show that you have access to money to issue loans to your customers. Depending on the state you are in, you will be required to show access to a minimum $250,000.

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    Identify the location for your new business and then meet each of licensing requirements. It is advised to hire an attorney to take your through the legal matters. Once you have satisfied state’s requirements, submit your application and wait for it to get approved.

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