How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

Office holiday parties can bring out the worst in some employees, and it can be a difficult time for others who want to keep their reputation intact like they have managed to build at their workplace. Something like an office holiday demands more than your usual office face, and sometimes trying to prove yourself more than what you really are can backfire in the worst ways imaginable.

Your career prospects are on the line, and you wish to keep things smooth and just survive the night without making too much commotion. However, things have a weird way of curling up and finding a throat to choke, which could turn a pleasant evening with friends into a disastrous one. There are things you can do to not only stay undetected, but to survive the whole night without making a negative impression that may linger on.


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    It is an office party after all, but you don’t need to arrive on time. If you do by any chance than you will be forced to mingle with people who you look to avoid at office. With very less in common, the evening might start slow and boring, and there is a possibility that you might feel the same the entire night.

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    The rule of bringing someone to the party can play to your advantage, because it is advised that you always bring someone to office parties. If you wish to avoid contact with your fellow employees, you can always be anti-social and just hang-out either with your date or a friend you brought along. Unwanted conversations can also be avoided if you have someone by your side at all times.

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    Every party is wonderful when the people in it are all your buddies. Especially, office parties would be so much awesome if you had non-work people and few of your office buddies. So, what you can do is pass the time, keep a low profile, and whisper the word that there is an after party, even if there isn’t one. What it will do is that you can have a nice gathering of your own friends at a bar doing what you like.

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    It is important that you eat beforehand. It is always good, because office parties aren’t usually known for their food, and you will have a good time once you’re well fed and have the energy to go about doing things that you have planned to do.

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