How to Teach Your Cat to Sit

While cats are typically thought of as adorable yet arrogant animals, the one thing that hardly gets enough attention is their intelligence. They may not be as smart as dogs, but if one compares the brain of the two animals with the size of their body, cats actually have a bigger brain, thus making them potentially more clever.

You can actually teach cats to perform quite a number of tricks or follow commands. The method to do this pretty similar to the one that is used to teach tricks and commands to dogs.

One of the simplest tricks that you can teach your cat is to make it sit by giving the command or making a gesture. Remember to be patient with your pet as animals do not have the same level of intelligence as that of humans.

Things Required:

– Cat treats


  • 1

    The best time to teach your cat a trick is when it is feeling hungry. Your pet will not be in a very learning or even responsive mood when it has a full stomach.

  • 2

    When you are sure that your cat is feeling hungry, grab its attention using a cat treat. There is a good chance that you will start feeling bad for keeping your pet hungry. However, do not give in to your temptation. If you let it have the treat, you will not be able to keep it interested in the training session.

  • 3

    While keeping the treat in your cat’s sight, give it a signal to sit. You can say the command “sit” or simply do a hand gesture. Just as you give the signal, push your cat’s rear end down gently to make it sit. If it does not sit on the first attempt, give the signal again and try pushing again. Keep trying this a few times until it finally sits.

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    When you are able to make your cat finally sit down using the pressure on its rear, reward it with a treat. Allow it to sit and happily feed on the treat before trying the trick once again.

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    Repeat the previous steps frequently for the next few days. After some time, your cat will start responding to the command or hand gesture and sit down, expecting a treat as a reward. Make sure you do not disappoint it, as it may stop performing the trick when it learns that there will be no reward.

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