How to Test Your Fitness IQ

You have probably tried almost every diet you can think of and still have been unable to lose the extra weight that you desire. You believe that you are in a never-ending fight that you will not win. This describes your situation but there is no need to panic. Do not fret over the head in disappointment as there are ways to improve your fitness knowledge. You should be aware of what is true and what is false in the world of diet and fitness.


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    How many meals should you eat?

    Remember that leaving out meals seems like a good idea, but it is bad for your health. You should not skip your meals. People normally miss a meal or two so that they consume fewer calories in the entire day. However, they don’t know the reality that they will consume the exact amount or may be more calories. It is advisable to eat a lot of small meals each day in order to stabilise blood sugars and manage your appetite. On the other hand, consuming food late at night doesn't make you fat. The body doesn't determine your weight based on the time you eat your meals, it just takes into effect how much you eat. The most important aspect in controlling diet is to know how many calories you are consuming against how many are going out. Moreover, there is also a common misconception that consuming less than 1,200 calories will help you lose weight effectively. That is not true, too few calories per day slows down your metabolic rate and causes the body to adjust to a minimal amount of food.

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    Is losing weight possible without physical activity?

    You can lose and maintain weight without doing exercise. Weight loss is about the difference between calories coming in and going out, and has nothing to do with other variables. Exercise helps accelerate the weight reduction but is not a must to achieve your goal. You just need to burn more calories than you are taking in, and that is enough to aid you in losing the extra pounds.

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    Exercise routine

    It is true that you should not do physical exercise every day. It is better to rest at least a day in the course of the week from vigorous exercises. However, it is great if you can perform some kind of activity on a daily basis, but it is important that you give your body break to recover.

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