How to Throw a Tailgate Party

These sorts of parties are usually held at the parking lots of the big events like a crazy football match or an emphatic baseball event. Tailgate party is usually focused on the pick-up truck and has some sort of cooking like barbecue, grill and salads for the participants. It is usually not an immensely planned event but a small get together to enjoy the time before or after the main event. Alcohol is also served in these sorts of parties so you don’t have to worry about getting high. You can easily accomplish your plan in these parties and may also fulfil the outdoor fantasies that you have been lining up since your inception. Mostly the entire parking lot filled with vehicles jumble up to start dancing on the beats under the floodlights. When these parties take place at the sporting event, participants are usually seen carrying flags of their favourite teams and wear shirts of their favourite players, singing songs of their club etc. It is a very enticing way to reunite with old friends who are unable to catch up with each other due to the tough hectic routine that is caused by corporate slavery.


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    You have to ask around who is ready to enjoy a tailgate party with you. Start with friends and family members and then spread out the message to friends of friends and similarly gather confirmations from all those who have been invited to the party. When you have completed the quota of the participants, it’s time to make up a schedule and send it to everyone.

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    Make a list of food items that will be required and the quantity of each item. When it comes to alcohol, keeps an extra bit for those who usually get high and requires a lot of boos in the end. You don’t want to get short of any material so keep an extra piece for every item just to make sure enough precautionary items are available for emergency time.

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    You have to find a person who has a huge car with a big trunk where you can dump food and stuff that will be required at the parking lot. You might need chairs and tables or folding furniture etc along with food items for barbecue. Call up everyone to contribute.

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    Set up the equipment at the day of the party. Enjoy as much as you want.

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