How to Unlock My Motorola Phone

For a number of people, there comes an instance when they are not happy with their service provider. They get tired of their current service and are wondering of switching to another cell phone carrier. This is an unusual situation and cellular carriers have made it a very complicated job to take the costly Motorola phone and use it with some other service that is available. However, you can still get your phone unlocked. There is a general misconception that it is a tough task, but don’t worry it is not that hard and you just need to know what you are doing.


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    Get in touch with your cellular service company

    Contact your cellular service provider by calling them or paying a visit to their office. Explain the agent that you are thinking about using your phone with some other service provider and require the unlock code for your Motorola phone. The representative will ask a few questions from you about your phone and then fill out the application to get the unlock code from Motorola. Normally this will take around a couple of days, and when the code is received from Motorola, they will email it to you on the address that you gave to them most recently. Make sure you save this code for future reference.

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    How to use the code provided to you by the agent?

    If you own a GSM type Motorola phone, you just have to put the SIM card from the other service provider into your cellular phone. After that, switch on the phone and when the prompt shows to “Enter Subsidy Unlock Code,” write the code that the Motorola service representative emailed you. Then you will get a confirmation text saying that your Motorola phone is now unlocked and it is ready for use with some other service provider.

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    CDMA Motorola phones

    On the other hand, if you have a CDMA kind Motorola phone, dial 74663 and then press #. After that, a prompt will appear and you will need to enter the Subsidy Unlock code received on your email. If you have saved it on a diary, then you can just see by looking at it. Once you have entered the code, you will get a confirmation message saying that your cellular phone is unlocked. Now you are free to choose another provider.

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