How to Use LinkedIn to Create Authoritative Content

LinkedIn is an effective platform to expand your business and contacts, but coming up with a strong profile and content is the key to getting people to pay attention to you. Some people think that LinkedIn is nothing but a job search portal and those wishing to find work can capitalize on it. This is true, but LinkedIn is much more than just that. One factor which makes it attractive to businesses is that it is a very effective online marketing platform.

If you are running business — online or offline — you should know the benefits LinkedIn has for you. Using LinkedIn content to market your business is a good way to promote your image and services. The website has hundreds of profiles of individuals and businesses belonging to your particular niche or industry.


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    Create a powerful profile

    First off, you will need a profile through which, businesses in your industry and other industries can have a look at what you have to offer them and hundreds of prospective customer/clients. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your business card and or a brochure that can give an overview of your organization in few words. People visit profiles of different companies and if they see yours, the might feel the need to get in touch with. So, try to give as much information about your business in the profile as possible.

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    Do not underestimate the power of picture

    Picture is a strong element in your LinkedIn profile, as it lets people know that your business is not being run by someone who does not even have time to make a proper profile for their company. So, post a picture with a clear background and good colour scheme.

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    Create an attention-grabbing headline

    The headline will appear with your name (with which you have created the LinkedIn account). Wherever your LinkedIn account is used or mention, this headline will be visible. So, write a headline that includes the title and your company name.

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    Include non-work related experience

    Do not forget to add non-work related experience in your profile (if you have any), as it will let LinkedIn refer your profile to people to other sectors and industries. For instance, if you run a content writing business, but you also have experience in web development — add it. Your main services will be content writing, but additional information will include your experience in web development.

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    Write a meaningful summary

    Do not write a history of your company in summary section, instead, write something that lets people know why your business is worth considering and why you should be given preference over competitors.

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