How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Raise

If any of your colleagues has not been able to get a raise for a long time, you can write a letter of recommendation for his raise because your opinion matters for your organisation. However, you have to make sure that your colleague deserves to get the raise in his salary because of his hard work, diligence, perseverance, skills and talent.

In order to write an effective letter of recommendation for a raise, you need to have all the necessary details about your colleague. In addition, you will have to follow a particular procedure which has been mentioned here.


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    First of all, gather all the necessary details in writing about your colleague for which you are going to write a recommendation letter. The detail will include his name, address, contact number, email address, job title, designation and his duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, you also have to know about his educational and family background. You must also know whether he has done any jobs in some other organisations or not.

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    You have to start the letter by mentioning your subject in which you will briefly explain the purpose of your writing. Then, describe your relation with your colleague and his behaviour in the organisation. You should also mention that time period of your professional or unprofessional attachment with your colleague.

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    After that, you have to write about the job responsibilities of your colleagues. You will have to write that how hardworking your colleague is and how he co-operates with others in all kind of works. In addition, you must mention any specific talent skills which your colleague possesses for instance, you can be creative.

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    Then, explain his personal characteristics e.g. he is honest, reliable, hardworking, ambitious and consistent. If you remember any of his act with which he impressed a customer or helped out a colleague with some problem, you must mention it as well.

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    Now, you have to write about the main part in which you will recommend a handsome salary raise for your colleague which he really deserves. You can also include his future commitments towards the job which can help the organisation in its steady growth and development.

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    You have to end your letter on a cordial note. You can also express your opinion about how much salary raise should be given to your colleague.

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