How to Write Sheet Music on a Computer For Free

Writing sheet music on a computer for free is very easy unlike old music masters who used to write music first on paper and copying all the parts later. It was certainly time consuming hard work to create good music without even using any notion of software. Usually a composer writes music with his best possible skills whereas now computers have given alternatives and reduced the amount of time previously used in writing a good piece of music or melody. Writing sheet music on a computer also gives you many other options to create unique songs.


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    Getting the software

    There are number of different types of software available on the internet but you need to choose according to your needs and requirements. You should go online and visit different types of websites to identify the exact purpose of the wide variety of software available. The software you will see online might be expensive but you need to decide between free software or paid versions. Free software might not offer the exact features like paid ones but still you need to get one that will satisfy your needs.

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    Setting up score

    Setting up score is also important. It is basically related to piano as some have solo staff and others have grand staff for the piano part.

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    Dragging the enclose bottom

    Now you need to start your computer programme by clicking on “staff” in the menu bar which will be on the top of the screen. Later “add group bracket” from the drop menu and also select style bracket from the menu.

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    Selecting clef sign from tool pallet

    Now select carefully clef sign from tool pallet and double click. The first measure of the bottom staff will be revealed as well as change menu window also appears.

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    Choosing key signature

    Choosing key signature from your tool pallet is also important. First you should measure the score and navigate for sharp keys.

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    Input music

    It depends as to whether you want to put music first or you want to put chords first. Select the speedy entry tool and see how it develops the nice and smooth sound.

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