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The Legal Services Commission (LSC) is a decision-making public body of the Ministry of Justice, but it is non-departmental. Sir Bill Callaghan chairs the Legal Services Commission and its work is supervised by an independent board of commissioners. This commission was formed under the act of Access to Justice 1999 and was later absorbed in Legal Aid Board. The responsibility of this non-departmental public body is to do an operational supervision of legal support in England and Wales. This commission gets a budget of approximately £2 billion each year, with the help of which, it provides legal assistance to more than 2 million people annually who are facing legal problems in England and Wales.

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    Facilities & Services:

    The Legal Services Commission provides the following facilities and services:

    - Promote justice
    - Protects public
    - Boosts confidence in justice
    - Provides easy access to justice for every one
    - Uphold rights
    - Modernising and safeguarding the constitution of the United Kingdom

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    Organization Structure:

    The Legal Services Commission Executive Team comprises:

    - Chief Executive
    - Finance & Corporate Services Director
    - Director of Legal Aid Commissioning & Contract Management
    - Director of Case Management
    - Integrated Delivery & Change Programme Director
    - Director of Human Resources & Organisational Design
    - Director of Legal & Service Development

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    Operational Hours:

    The office of Legal Services Commission in London opens at 9:30 am and shuts down its operations at 4:30 pm.

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    How to Contact:

    Londoners who wish to speak to the people at Legal Services Commission office in London can make contact by using the information given below.

    Contact: +44 20 7718 8000

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    2 Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Legal Services Commission:

    By Tube

    Canary Wharf tube station is about 1.1 miles away from the Legal Services Commission office in London and by walk one can cover this distance in 22 minutes roughly. They should head north on Upper Bank Street towards Canada Square and then turn right onto The South Colonnade. From there turn right onto Montgomery Street and then turn left towards Preston's Road/A1206. This will lead them to another turn. Turn right that goes towards Preston's Road/A1206 from where they will make another right turn onto Preston's Road/A1206 and then turn slightly right to stay on Preston's Road/A1206. At the roundabout, visitors will take the 1st exit onto Marsh Wall and then turn left onto Limeharbour which will guide them to the right turn onto Harbour Exchange Square, from where visitors can find the destination on the left. View Map

    By Bus

    Bus stop, Cubitt Town, Harbour Exchange Square (E14) (Stop P) is the nearest bus point from the ‎ Legal Services Commission about 203 ft away and a walking journey of 50 seconds. Bus passengers will head south on Limeharbour towards Harbour Exchange Square then turn right onto Harbour Exchange Square to find the destination on the left.

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