Lipstick to Wear With Blonde Hair

Women with black hair can afford to be experimental with their makeup, but unfortunately the blondes don’t enjoy this liberty, especially when it comes to wearing any lipstick colour with open hair. Although plenty depends on clothes and the shades of other makeup, there are many colours that look particularly good on a blond woman’s lips. The main purpose is to make the lips appealing.

Blondes with darker hair in particular may face real difficulty in choosing the right colour for their lips. They are not supposed to pick any light shade, because it may give an impression that they are wearing no lipstick.


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    Red is probably the best colour for blondes. A dark shade gives a hot seductive look. You may have seen many Hollywood goddesses wearing red lipstick, as it appears to be dazzling. From deep to bright, you can select any shade of red. However, don’t ever choose the one that gives a brownish look. Furthermore, you are supposed to try the one with a moisturising look. Any dry shade looks no good on blondes.

    With red lipstick, the rest of the makeup should not be too dark other than the nail polish. Wear a jet black shirt, and you will look awesome.

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    Nude Colours

    Nude colours also look beautiful on a blond woman’s lips. Such colours make your lips look soft, and make the eyes look bigger. The nude colours are particularly recommended for ladies with thin lips.

    You can also add shine to your lips by applying any good gloss. When wearing nude colours, you are required to be really careful about the eye makeup. Use a black liner to create a sexy look.

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    Fruit Colours

    Fruit colours give a formal look, especially when you are not with open hair. Such colours are recommended for ladies with medium blond hair.

    Fruity shades such as, peach, apricot and coral look attractive particularly. When wearing fruit colours, you need to stay extremely careful about the shade of your teeth. Avoid putting on dark colours, because they may make your teeth look yellow.

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    Pink is a universal colour for ladies. It looks particularly good on ladies with blackish blond hair. A bright pink shade can make you look gorgeous. But gain, you need to be careful, because the pink lipstick may not compliment your teeth.

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    Purple lipstick is used mainly in winters. A dark purple shade can give a super glamorous look. If a lady has a fair complexion with blue or green eyes, there is no better colour for her lips than purple.

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