List of Marble Suppliers in London

Marble is expensive but may be one of the most luxurious building materials around. It has been used all through history from ancient palaces to modern homes. Many buildings in London also have marble installed in the interior of the home to create an exceptional look and feel. Marble is a versatile enough to be used in several different setting including private homes, public buildings and commercial properties. However, the types and uses of marble vary and one needs expert advice and the correct material to give the construction durability and beauty. That is why you need to make sure that your marble supplier is experienced and carries a good inventory. Below is a step by step list of marble suppliers in London that should be able to meet your needs and requirements.


  • 1

    J & R Marble Co. Ltd

    Is maker, suppliers and fixers of all kind of marbles. They company is working in London since 1983 and provides full range of marbles for kitchen, bathrooms, bed rooms, house names, hearths and for many other areas.

  • 2

    Marble Interiors Ltd

    It was established in 1983. The company provides wide range of commercial and domestic marbles. You can ask them for free quotes about your home and industry.

  • 3

    G. Miccoli & Sons Ltd

    Are local mable importers from various countries like Italy and Belgium. They also offer cutting and shaping services in economical prices.

  • 4

    Imperial Marble & Granite Importers Ltd

    They are considered largest not only in the UK but in the world. Company also import marble from Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, Portugal and Spain.

  • 5

    Touchstone Worktops

    They provide all range of marbles from domestic to commercial in economoical and competitive rates. They offer cutting and shaping services for Kitchen, Bed rooms, bath rooms and other areas of home and industry.

  • 6


    It was established in 1981 and offer competitive and economical rates. They provide guarantee of their services.

  • 7

    MacPherson Design Consultants

    They provides interior solution throughout south London. They also offer designing services in economical prices and limited times. The company is working in the City for last 14 years.

  • 8

    Arrow Tiling

    Arrow tiling are award winner suppliers and installer of marble in the city. The company have its reputation for on-time gauratnteed work.

  • 9

    I & C Memorials

    Provide many free services besides supplying marbles and tiles. They offer free quotes, free parking, free initial consultation and free delivery.

  • 10

    Geology Ltd

    Considered among the most effieicnt marble and granite suppliers in London. They are wholesalers of Limestone, slate, Trevertine, Soapstone.

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