List of Victim Support Services in London

Being the victim to a crime is a traumatic experience, leaving scars that take a long time to heal. Starting from crimes that are so-called ‘trivial’ in nature to the more severe ones, they all leave a negative impact on the victims, making them suffer from psychological issues, for which they need help and support to deal with them. There are people and groups who help victims of crimes, starting from reporting the incidence to the police, to going to the court as the adjudication starts, to even after that. This is the time when a victim needs support the most to help him deal with the mentally taxing situation.


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    As a victim, you have the right to be provided high-quality service from the English Justice System in London.

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    The rights of a victim are listed in the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, a document pertaining to the victim support provided in the UK, including London. It lists down the expectations a victim should have from all criminal justice agencies, including the Crown prosecution service and police.

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    A victim has the right to be kept in loop of any developments of the case and the law enforcement agencies are entitled to provide such information at least monthly.

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    It is also the victim’s right to know when a suspect has been arrest or bailed, and charged with the crime committed against you.

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    When going to the court, if a victim is intimidated or needs help, he has the right to ask for ‘special measures’ which ought to be provided to him.

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    And a victim has the right to be referred to Victim Support, an organization that provides support to the victims in case a crime has been committed against them. This support takes the form of emotional support that is provided, along with any physical help needed (installing safety locks on the doors, going to the police, or looking for a counselor).

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    Victim Support can be directly contacted or the Metropolitan Police London can refer a victim to their organization.

    Victim Support.

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