Mortgage Marketing Email

Mortgage marketing email requires a lot of attention and thought as you have to attract your customer towards your products and services without any kind of verbal contact. In addition, you have to write everything in a brief but comprehensive matter so that your customer can easily read it. In the first paragraph, you have to introduce yourself and explain the motive of your email. In the second paragraph, you have to write the details of your mortgage business and the products and services which you are offering. In the final paragraph, you have to express your gratitude towards your customer for giving you his time.


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    Sample of Mortgage Marketing Email

    Subject: Mortgage Marketing Email

    Dear Mr. Allen,

    We are pleased to inform you that we are offering mortgage loans on lower interest rates as compared to the market to our special customers until the end of this month.

    We have been providing different kinds of mortgage loans in your state for the last two decades. We have won many awards for our premium quality services and stand amongst one of the biggest mortgage loan providers in the state. If you cannot afford to buy a car or a home on cash basis, we are here to offer you the mortgage loans on lowest possible rates.

    If you have any query, please feel free to ask. Thanks a lot for your time.


    William Adams
    Assistant Marketing Manager
    MM Mortgage Agency

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    Template of Mortgage Marketing Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: [subject of the email]

    Dear [name of the receiver],

    We are writing this email to offer you car and house mortgage loans on the lowest possible interest rates.

    We offer lower interest rates to our customers as compared to the market and our firm is very famous in the state for its outclass services. So, if you are interested to take a mortgage loan, you can contact our customer service representative or simply reply to this email.

    If you have any question regarding our instalment plans, you are free to ask. Thank you very much for giving us your precious time.


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]
    [Your company’s name]

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