Networking Thank You Email

When you get in touch with someone, seeking an expansion in your social circle or growth in the field you are working in, you should return the favour to your benefactor by writing a thank you email.

Start the email with subject line and use opening salutation. Since you are writing the email to the person you are familiar with, use his/her name.

The first paragraph of the email should solely focus on the gratitude and appreciation. Thank your benefactor and inform him/her about the impact of his/her help. It is not wise to start discussing the details of the subject matter right at the start – you can do that it in the second paragraph. It is also common for the sender to start the first paragraph by informing the reader of your plans and introducing yourself (if the recipient does not know you personally and your background)

The second paragraph should talk about the matter in detail. If you have something informative to tell, mention it in the paragraph.

Conclude the email by expressing your gratitude once again; you can express hope for a positive response from your benefactor in future. Use closing salutations such as Regards, Thanking You, or Sincerely.


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    Sample of Networking Thank You Email

    Subject: Thank you for networking

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am writing this email to thank you for the support and guidance you have given me regarding my career. I must say that you taught me to look at journalism career from a different perspective.

    As you know that I am currently a business reporter working with Daily Sun News and have been doing news reporting for the last 8 years. I am particularly keen to pursue a career in which I can implement my news writing and editing skills to effect change on a broad scale in the area of education.

    This winter I will be in Washington working with a group of seasoned journalists from across the world. After completing my TV program entitled “Education in America” this month, I hope to join an international news agency to expand my scope and find new opportunities.

    I will express thanks once again and hope that we will keep in touch in the future.


    Shane Rutting,
    Reporter & TV Anchor,
    Daily Sun New,
    New York, United States

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    Template of Networking Thank You Email

    To:  (Email of the recipient)

    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    Thank you for arranging a meeting with teachers and professors from well-known colleges in the United States. I must say that I could not have moved forward without your support.

    I am spending the winter in New York interning with (company/organization name) staff. Before enrolling in the college, I spent three years working in IT department at a multinational company in Florida, but I guess I would love to work in a government-run entity after finishing my studies from the college.

    I have had a great time with the teachers and students but would like to learn more about working at state-run organizations. (name), who is one of your closest associates, told me to contact you to check if you would be willing to meet while I am in (place/city/country).

    I know you are usually on a tight schedule, but if you can spare some time, I would love to get together for dinner. I will be in (place/city/country) until at least (date)th and would be glad to arrange a meeting on any day that would suit you.

    I thank you once again for taking the time and helping me connect with different teachers' associations.


    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    (Sender company name/address)

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