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If you are handling a team in an organisation then it is your responsibility to participate in their good times and bad. This not only gives the other person an impression that you take care of your subordinates beyond the office but it also brings them close to you and make them sincere coworkers.

If any of your staff members has lost a loved one then sending a condolence email is the most effective way to express your sorrow and solidarity. However, you must be aware of the format for this type of email. If you do not know then following a few simple tips can help you out.

First of all, put the correct email address in the relevant box and then mention a subject of this condolence email.

Start your email with an appropriate salutation and then offer your sympathy straight away in the opening paragraph.

If you know the deceased personally then you can use second paragraph to share some old memories. However, you can also include few praising sentences to pay homage to the deceased.

Next paragraph will comprise of a few words of sympathy and your offer of any financial or moral support. Conclude your email with a suitable closing followed by your name and other necessary details.


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    Sample of Staff Condolence Email:


    Subject: My condolence on the death of your brother

    Dear Kell,

    I am sending this email to express my sympathies to you on the death of your brother Bill Earnest. I cannot tell you how devastated I am after getting this sad news but my friend this is life and we have to live with these unfortunate realities.

    Though, I did not have the opportunity to meet Bill frequently but a couple of meetings left a long lasting and pleasant impact. By looking at you, I can easily say that he was gem of a person and his loss is a real tragedy.

    You will have to act strong to manage everything at this moment of grief. I pray for him and hope that you will come out of this unfortunate incident soon. If you need anything then feel free to contact me.

    Please pass my words of condolence to your family.


    Joseph Bean
    Manager HR
    John Law Associates

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    Template of Staff Condolence Email:

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Subject: Few words of condolence

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    I just got the tragic news regarding the death of [mention the deceased] and I cannot tell you how sad I am after receiving this. [Mention the deceased] was really a nice person and nothing can fill the vacuum [deceased’s name] absence will create.

    However, this is part of life and you will have to be strong to support your family. If there is anything I can do for you then please feel free to contact me on [contact numbers].

    I pray for you and other bereaved members of your family.


    [Your Name]
    [Company Name]

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