Motorexpo Show London

Likewise in other cities, exhibitions of vehicles, especially car fairs are also held in the capital city of United Kingdom. In a single year various events are scheduled, but Motor Expo is the only exhibition which grabs the spotlight and declares itself as the most automotive successful event in London. The only cause that makes this Motor Expo popular, as well as efficacious is the number of visitors who come here to acquire greater access to newest models of motors. Every summer the date of festival is fixed so that companies can advertise their new arrivals along with the specifications of the vehicle.

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    History of Motor Expo in London:

    1996 was the year when Motor Expo was launched as an alternate to British International Motor show. The event first brought a chance for office workers and general public to see the newest cars of many manufacturers, all at one place.Being free for general public, the event gained popularity among common man.

    Since its inauguration the show which happened to take place in the year 2011, was the most successful event. 40,000 visitors made Motor Expo the biggest event of London car fair history.

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    Dates for Motor Expo London:

    Usually the event takes place in the month of June, but there is no specific date. For 2012 events the dates are from 11 to 17 June 2012.

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    This motoring extravaganza welcomes visitors for 1 whole week.

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    Entry & Tickets Information:

    You do not have to stick yourself into the hassle of ticket purchase, because the entrance is completely free for everyone.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at Motor Expo in London:

    Under the observation of mechanical engineers and experts, you will also get a chance to meet the leading automotive manufactures and take advice, if you are planning to buy a four wheeler.

    Besides the exhibition of lavishing cars, a wide range of quality food is also obtainable. You can also grab your favorite meal and start your trip or pay a visit at the food stalls in the end.

    This car festival is surely a complete day out, besides restaurants and cafés, eminent brand’s shops are also available at the expo.

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