Networking Meeting Request Email

If you want to get someone to benefit you at work, personal life or in your business, it is important to let them know in advance that you acknowledge their help and support. The best way to do that is to write a simple networking meeting request email, and riddle it with the appreciation of the person or company in question or the importance of the issue at hand.

Start with opening salutation. Use dear name if you know the person’s name. Dear Sir will also work, but it sounds a bit more formal.

Start the first paragraph of the email by making a request for meeting. Remember the opening paragraph should clearly state why you writing this email, otherwise the objective of the email will get misleading. Do not mention the details of the meeting right at the start of the email.

In the second paragraph, mention the details of the meeting and state why you want to arrange a meeting with the recipient. Talk about how important it is to arrange the networking meeting and what benefits you and the recipient will reap.

Conclude the email by expressing hope that your request will be taken into consideration by the recipient.


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    Sample of Networking Meeting Request Email

    Nick Ballard,
    Regional Director,
    San Corp,
    New Hampshire, United Kingdom

    Subject: Networking Meeting Request

    Dear Nick,

    I am writing to ask if you would be willing take out the time and arrange a brief meeting with all the employees and technical staff of the company. I would like you to discuss the latest financial mismanagement and the growing competition in the market.

    Given the current circumstances, it is high time that we arrange a meeting and talk about the lapses and irregularities that seem to be hurting our growth as a market leader. I have taken all the managers into confidence and they want to take you on board before the management can come up with a more viable strategy for the future.

    I will thank you in advance and hope that you will accept my request for an emergency meeting.


    Neil Thompson,
    Manager Marketing,
    San Corp,
    New Hampshire, United Kingdom

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    Template of Networking Meeting Request Email

    (Recipient’s name)
    (Recipient’s designation)
    (Company name)
    (Company address)

    Subject: Networking Meeting Request

    Dear (Recipient’s name),

    You are requested to grace our upcoming seminar entitled (_________) as a guest speaker. I am sure that you already understand the growing concerns of the public regarding flaws in online payment gateway.

    If you grace the seminar, I am sure most of the people will get an idea of the do's and dont's when buying and selling things online and transferring money. Almost every online payment processing company has assured me to send their delegation and the seminar is expected to attract general public in droves.

    I will thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you at the seminar on (date).


    (Sender’s name)
    (Sender’s designation)

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