Resume Follow Up Email

The resume follow up email is written by an applicant who has applied for a job and has not yet received any response from the employer. It is the professional way of tracking the status of your resume.

In the opening paragraph, you should mention name of the position for which you have sent your resume and also add the date on which you applied.

In the second paragraph, you should mention that you want to know the current status or proceedings of your resume. Show your interest in the job by including your relevant qualification and experience. Also add the skills that you have acquired while working in your previous organisation.

In the final paragraph, you need to add your contact number so that the concerned authority or department could contact you if you are shortlisted.


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    Sample of Resume Follow Up Email


    Subject: Resume follow up email for assistant finance manager

    Dear Mr. Michael,

    Through the advertisement in The Nation newspaper on May 3, 2013, I came to know that your organisation, Smith Corporation, is looking for an assistant finance manager. I submitted my resume along with scanned copies of my credentials for this job on the same day.

    The only intention of writing this resume follow up email is to know about the current status of my resume. I am eager to work in your organisation as an assistant finance manager. I have been working in different organisations for the last five years and consider myself capable of performing all tasks of this job in an appropriate manner.

    Please let me know the status of my resume and if you want to know any further details about my skills and abilities then feel free to contact me when you feel comfortable at 934635483. I shall be waiting for your contact.

    Yours sincerely,

    Allan Smith

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    Template of Resume Follow Up Email

    To: [Email address of concerned authority]

    Subject: [write subject of your email]

    Dear Mr/Mrs [name of concerned authority],

    It is kindly stated that I applied for the job of [write position] in your company [company’s name] after seeing your job advertisement in [write newspaper’s name] on [write date].

    I have not received any response so far and I just want to know about the current status of the proceedings in this regard. I have the relevant qualification and practical experience of [write years of your experience] in different organisation. I meet all requirements for this job.

    If you find me appropriate for this job and need to know anything else about my qualification or credentials then please call me at [phone number]. I am hopeful for your kind consideration.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]

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