Tiny Companion for Portable Devices

Portable speakers have become a story. For high quality sound you used to buy huge speakers and it was extremely difficult to carry those outside. Music lovers who always wanted carry a speaker along on trips, it seemed a hard task to have those big speakers and otherwise you may not have real fun.

But now with the new tiny NuForce Cube, you will have three different connectivity options that will make your life simple and ultimately improve the audio of your devices. The cube is the essence of simplicity along with plentiful options in it. And, no doubt having fun in smartest way is now possible with it!

Besides working as a portable speaker, it has 3.5mm audio jacks, one is used in a portable media player, smartphone or tablet, and the other for headphones. With the help of headphone jack you can increase the audio quality and power of the sound from your media player or mobile devices. The presence of USB digital-to-analog converter helps in generating the sound at decent volume and amazing quality.  Besides that you don’t need to have laptop’s integrated DAC while using NuForce speakers.

You might be surprised to learn that NuForce Cube measures only 2” on each side making it a little bigger than Apple iPod nano, and eventually makes them quite portable. The speakers have a built in rechargeable battery that provides sufficient charging up to 8 hours. Another tempting feature is an optional iPod nano docking connector that enables you to dangle the newest-gen nano from the side of the speaker.

However, you won’t find its specs on the amplifier or speaker output, but it is comparatively better than many others. The NuForce Cube speakers can be found in red, blue, black and silver and sells for $118(USD).

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