Putting Out a Grease Fire

A grease fire happens when cooking oil is left unattended and overheats to the extent that it catches fire. In the beginning, the oil boils, then it produces smoke and then finally the actual fire starts.

The best thing to do is to prevent its occurrence and be careful in the kitchen. However, if by accident your cooking oil catches fire do you know what you need to do? Don’t even think about water.

In this guide we will tell you the safe way to extinguish a grease fire.


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    Turn off the heat first

    The first thing you need to do is to turn down the heat. Do not try to remove the pot from the stove because hot oil sizzles and you can get burnt by any splashes or spills. The best you can do is turn off the heat source.

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    Cover the pot with a metal lid

    Most pots come with their own lids, but if you have any metal lid around you should use it to cover the pot and cut out the oxygen supply. This will help extinguish the fire and it will die down gradually without oxygen.

    However, when trying to cover the pot you need to make sure you do it safely and wear gloves if possible to prevent any splashes from injuring your hand.

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    Use baking soda

    Baking soda can also work well if the fire isn’t put out by covering the pot. The powder can cut off the oxygen supply, but you’ll need to use a large quantity of it to extinguish a grease fire.

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    Get the fire extinguisher

    If the fire continues to blaze, you should immediately use a class B fire extinguisher on it.

    Please note that this should be the last resort because fire extinguishers contain chemicals which when sprayed can contaminate the whole kitchen.

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    Call emergency services

    If the fire grows out of hand it can reach any wooden cabinets or boxes in the kitchen. In the worst case, it can also reach your main gas supply, which can result in disaster.

    You should call up the fire and rescue service department for assistance if the fire grows strong.

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    Tips for Putting Out a Grease Fire in the Kitchen

    Do Not:

    - Try to move the pot as this will splash hot oil onto you or another person/thing.

    - Pour water on the fire as this will cause the fire to splash and spread in the kitchen even more.

    - Use any household item other than baking soda to try and put out the fire.

    - Put yourself in danger trying to save the kitchen or an appliance. Burning oil can leave severe burns and injuries.

    Preventing grease fires

    - Whenever you are cooking you need to take proper precautions and always be careful with fire and flammable objects.

    - Never leave anything on the stove unattended for more than a couple of minutes.

    - Always use pots with proper metal lids and wooden handles.

    - Do not place your stove near a window with curtains and don't place any flammable objects near the stove.

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