Spicy Bean Salad Recipe

Spicy Bean Salad is very simple to make and is a family favorite side dish. This amazingly refreshing salad is perfectly jam-packed with protein and fiber. You can experiment with the types of beans as you are not bound to use specific beans. Dish up the spicy bean salad at home, pack in your lunch box for workplace or take it for picnic etc.

You can make eight serving with this easy Spicy Bean Salad Recipe, though you have the choice to make adjustments in the ratio of the ingredients, keeping your requirement in mind.

Preparation Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Marination Time: 1 hour
Serving Size: 08 Persons
Utensils: mixing bowl, spoon, fork, serving bowl

Calories: 890
Fat: 21 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg


– 1 can chick peas
– 1 can borlotti beans
– 1 can flageolet beans
– 1 can red kidney beans
– 1 can sweet corn
– 1 red chili – diced small
– 1 tablespoon fresh mint – roughly chopped
– 3 spring onions – finely chopped
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice
– 1 tablespoon olive oil
– Salt & pepper to taste


  • 1

    Pick a medium sieve and drain the chick peas properly. Now, rinse them under cold water and drain again. Place the chick peas in a large serving or salad bowl.

  • 2

    Drain and rinse the borlotti beans, flageolet beans, red kidney beans, and sweet corn in the same manner and place them in the bowl as well.

  • 3

    Add in one finely diced red chili, 1 tablespoon of roughly chopped fresh mint and 3 of nicely chopped spring onions. Blend the beans mixture until mix up finely.

  • 4

    Pour in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and the same quantity of 1 olive oil. Toss gently until the bean mixture coats properly.

  • 5

    Sprinkle some salt and ground black pepper all over the salad, mix lightly and cover the bowl completely.

  • 6

    Set your Spicy Bean Salad aside or place in refrigerator for about an hour until the beans properly absorb the lemon juice and the olive oil.

  • 7

    Unseal the salad at the end of marinating, toss gently and serve immediately.

    Note: Marinating can take enough of your time; therefore it is better to make this salad ahead of serving and to leave it overnight to marinate thoroughly.

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