Thank You Email for Promotion

Every employee in an organization works with certain goals in mind. He/she expects the hard work, effort and time they put in to their job to pay off in the long run, which is why promotions are great news.

If you have recently been promoted, well done! Now you should write a thank you email for promotion to your boss, appreciating the opportunity to showcase your work and be recognized for it. There is no doubt that you earned your promotion, but it is only polite and professional to commend those who helped you on the way.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly what to write in your thank you email, just keep reading for our tips, sample and a template you can refer to.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Email for Promotion

  • Keep the letter brief and stick to the point
  • Start by thanking your employer for giving you the chance to excel
  • Appreciate the fact that your hard work was noted and recognized
  • Assure your boss that you will continue to work even harder to achieve future successes
  • Sign the letter personally


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    Sample of a Thank You Email for Promotion


    Marlon Jacobs
    COO Teracorp

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this to formally thank you for having recognized my hard work and giving me a promotion I have been looking forward to since the day I joined Teracorp.

    I would also like to thank you, and every member of the management for providing me the opportunity to showcase my talent and the motivation that kept me going through grueling phases.

    Having received this promotion, I assure you that I will continue to work my best in the days to come and prove an even more valuable asset to our organization.

    The support I have received from the management and my colleagues has been invaluable towards my growth, and I fully appreciate it.

    Thank you once again,

    Best wishes,

    Samuel Adams
    Senior Manager Sales

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    Template of a Thank You Email for Promotion


    [Your Boss’s Name]
    [Company's name]

    Dear/Respected Sir,

    I would like to express my deep-felt gratitude for the promotion to (New Designation), which I received today.

    It feels great to be recognized for my efforts, dedication and hard work at (Organization’s name). Since the day I joined back in (Year of joining), I have continued to work dedicatedly for success, both individual and collective.

    During my time, I have fortunately received a lot of support from my colleagues, supervisor and you, for which I am truly grateful.

    I assure you that I will continue to work even more dedicatedly for the success of our organization and to set the bar even higher.

    Thank you once again for everything.


    (Your name)
    (Your new designation)

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