Things to do on Holidays in Chongquing China

Chongqing is one of the most beautiful cities in China and served as the wartime capital of the People’s Republic of China during the second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). According to a report by the Economist, Chongqing was named as one of the 13 megalopolises in China. And of course, it is one of the most famous places in the country if you are a tourist with so many places to visit.


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    The Luohan Si Arhat Temple is only a ten minute walk from the Liberation Monument. Enlightened disciples used to come here to overcome their bonds with ignorance, hate and greed. There was a time when this temple was home to around 70 monks. Today, the number has been cut down to only a couple of dozen ascetics.

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    The Pirates Pub is one of the places you have to go to if you are in Chongqing. 9:00 P.M is the perfect time to go there and stay till 11:00 P.M in order to come across old fashioned mutiny.

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    Stillwell Museum is indeed a novelty in China as the museum focuses on American involvement during the Second World War.

    Address: Liberation Monument Area

    Hours: 09:00-17:00

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    Cíqìkǒu Ancient Town is on the Jialing River and most of the buildings there date back to the final years of the Ming Dynasty. Most of these places have been restored for tourists and there are plenty of places to eat here.

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    The famous Bomb Shelter will take you back to the days of the Sino-Japanese War where so many poor souls suffocated as they tried to defend themselves from Japanese airstrikes.

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    The Three Gorges Museum depicts the initial settlement in the city. On the upper floor, you can learn more about China’s minority cultures. All artefacts are well presented so you will have a great time once you are inside the museum.

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    Chongqing Changjiang Sightseeing allows you to take a river cruise where you will have the chance to do some sightseeing in a two-hour cruise.

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    The Liberation Monument at Chongqing is the best place to start with. This structure was built in order to commemorate the memory of Sun Yatsen and China’s victory over Japan in 1947. Hundreds of congregates flock at the place at 6:00 A.M in the morning to practice tai chi.

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    The Red Cliff Village Museum is a decent museum in the context of revolutionary-history museums in the country. It has a collection of numerous wartime photos.

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    The Yangtze River Cruise offers you the chance to travel through the Three Gorges and will also take you to the Ghost City of Fengdu.

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