Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a famous social media site which has large number of users around the world to boast off. The has signs have become twitter signature and brand name. The site allows you to follow personalities you admire and want updates on. This shortens up the gap between them and you and gives you an interface to interact. With twitter, your favorite entrepreneur is just a few clicks away. If you have someone inspirational in mind you want to learn from, twitter is your place. For the budding entrepreneurs out there who want to learn from the successful ones, we have the list ready in our step by step guide below.


  • 1

    Caterina Fake:

    Founder of amazing technology Flicker and hunch tweets about women in leading roles, technology, coding, books and her interesting projects. She is a must follow.

  • 2

    Loic Le Meur:

    Loic is the founder of Seesmic and Le web Conference. He has a great presence on twitter and also guides budding entrepreneurs about start-ups. Follow him if you want some clear cut advice from a successful entrepreneur who speaks out of experience.

  • 3

    Guy Kawasaki:

    Kawasaki is the author of Art of the Start which is written on entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Alltop and is a partner at Garage technology ventures. Kawasaki regularly tweets about technology, social issues and technology.

  • 4

    Jason Fried:

    The CEO of 37 signals uses twitter to get instant feedback from its customers and gauge customer interest. Follow him and get a chance of live chat about a unique perspective of entrepreneurship.

  • 5

    Evan Williams:

    Who can be a more apt option to follow when you have the co-founder of twitter himself here. Evan tweets regularly about twitter and the dynamics of running a company like this. Here is your chance to have an inside sneak peek at twitter.

  • 6

    Gary Vaynerchuck:

    This successful entrepreneur makes it a point to respond back to any follower who gets in touch with him. This is a huge task since the number of followers exceeds 800,000.

  • 7

    Mark Bao:

    Mark can come off as an inspiration. He started off as an entrepreneur at the young of seventeen. He is the CEO of Avecora and founder of Ramamia, which is a unique business idea.

  • 8

    Richard Branson:

    With Richard, you can never get bored. He has interesting information on a wide array of topics since he has been an entrepreneur in many industries. His tweets from the experience with Virgin group can be valuable insights.

  • 9

    Mark Suster:

    A successful entrepreneur who also runs a personal blog. You can find links to his blog content on his tweets. He has a vast entrepreneurial experience with much to learn from.

  • 10

    Jesse Stay:

    This man has the mind of a developer and the passion of an entrepreneur. He is the person to follow if you want hard core information and updates on social media products and marketing.

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