Top 10 Jobs that will make you Travel the World

If you are one who likes to visit new places and meet new people, then finding a job requires you to travel. These types of jobs keep your soul lively and save you from the monotony of life. Most jobs require you to stay in one city, office or a room but there are a few jobs that can provide you the opportunity to travel around the world. Not only are these jobs very rewarding, they often don’t require you to spend any money on the traveling either.


  • 1

    NGO Worker:

    If you want to make difference in the society then nothing can be better than joining an NGO. You will be able to visit different places for research work and ultimately this will fulfil your desire to travel around the world and play your part in its betterment.

  • 2

    Tour Guide:

    Tour guides get to travel a lot, especially those who work internationally. Top agencies have special tour guides they dispatch along with clients who intend to travel the world and are willing to pay for guided tours.

  • 3

    Tour Planner:

    Tour planning is another profession that can give you a chance to visit different places around the world. Top-notch travel agencies send their tour planners to several destinations in order to gather information and formulate better plans.

  • 4


    Though teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) has just joined the list of such professions that can make you travel across the world. However, it has become an attractive profession for those who have some passion for teaching and travelling at the same time.

  • 5

    Flight Attendant:

    Mostly this line of profession is attractive for ladies but gents can also make their way as flight stewards. This is undoubtedly one profession which requires the most traveling.

  • 6

    Au Pair:

    If you are young and energetic, then this profession can give you a great opportunity to make some money while living with foreigners. In this job, you need to visit their homes and help them with different domestic things.

  • 7


    Quite literally, sky is the limit in this profession. What else can be better than flying across the world, piloting your own plane. However, this job requires extensive training.

  • 8


    Recent boom in the media industry has made this profession very exciting and lucrative. As a journalist, you get the chance to report different international events and ultimately fulfill your desire of traveling around the world.

  • 9

    Travel Writing:

    If you have been blessed with creative writing skills and an adventurous nature then travel writing is the best profession for you. You will not only be traveling around the world but also earning money for your opinions on places.

  • 10

    Cruise Ship Director:

    A cruise ship director is one of the best jobs when it comes to traveling around the world. However, the job can be very demanding and requires a lot of hard work.

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