Top 10 Life-Changing Travel Experiences

Although many things can change the way we look at life, however, travelling to places with historical or religious significance can actually make changes in your life in so many ways that you can hardly imagine. Exotic locations also have the same impact on us and here are some places that a person needs to visit at least once in a lifetime.


  • 1

    Watch the northern lights at Svlbard, Norway

    If you want to be left in awe then this is the place as you will be able to witness nature's stunning light show. In Svlbard, massive sized glaciers come in contact with some beautiful mountains. Apart from this, enjoying the wildlife is another activity which will be a life-changing experience for you.

  • 2

    See the mountain gorillas of Rwanda

    The endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda deserve paying a visit. These can easily be spotted at the Virunga volcanic mountains or Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

  • 3

    A visit to the temples of Bagan in Myanmar (Burma)

    This place is fast becoming a popular tourist resort. It is better to visit it now before the place gets overcrowded after becoming the number-one destination for tourists. This place was once the centre of the Kingdom of Pagan. Historical records suggest that nearly 10,000 temples and pagodas were constructed here. However, now only 2,000 still stand and is considered as the biggest concentration of ruins related to Buddhism.

  • 4

    View the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

    The Mayans were a highly developed society that made great achievements in the field of science and technology as they were arguably the most advanced society in the world at the time. However, this empire was later lost to the world and forgotten for nearly three centuries. The Great Plaza of Tikal contains temples which are over 200 feet high with many other mesmerising monuments. This is certainly a place which needs to be visited and will have a life changing impact on you.

  • 5

    Experience the Ganges River in India

    From the months of November to March people can be seen visiting this river for spiritual reasons as tens of thousands of people bathe for the purpose of cleaning themselves. This is a rare site for someone from the outside world and can make a life changing impact on you.

  • 6

    The humpback whales in Tonga

    This is among the few locations in the world where people can actually swim with humpback whales. These whales come are from the Antarctic to mate and give birth in warm waters.

  • 7

    Climbing to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

    This is a peak where you can actually reach the top by hiking. After reaching the top, you will see some remarkable scenery.

  • 8

    Watch the Great Migration in Kenya

    This yearly migration includes herds of animals such as wildebeest, gnu, zebra and many more shifting from the Serengeti plains to the Masai Mara hills of the Masai Mara.

  • 9

    Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia

    This dates backs to the rule of the Tsars in Russia. This train will take you from Moscow to Vladivostok and in between you will have an opportunity to experience eight different time zones. You will also be able to view some of the most rugged terrain in the world.

  • 10

    Visit Nepal and go white water rafting

    Mountain climbers love this land of peaks. You can also test your rafting skills with a ride down the Sun Kosi rapids. The mountains and water rafting make this place ideal for a life changing travel experience.

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