Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

Although ants are very small creatures, yet a single bite can be very dangerous and painful. Ants are social insects from the Formicidae family. These tiny creatures can be really nasty and pain caused due to an ant bite can last for days. Furthermore, ants are a regional insect which means that a particular species of ants may be abundant in one region and nonexistent in another region. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous species of ants in the world with a brief description of each of the ant species included in the list.


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    Bulldog Ants:

    Myrmecia, Bull Ants, Sergeant Ants and Inch Ants are some of the commonly used names to refer to Bulldog Ants. These ants are found in Australia and the average length of a Bulldog ant is approximately 40 millimetres. Their venom can prove fatal if not treated immediately.

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    Army Ants:

    These ants are commonly found in West Africa and are also known as Saifu ants. Army ants do not make permanent nests and are known for their short temper. Even the slightest provocation can result in a full fledged attack from a humungous number of army ants.

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    Ravoux’s Slave Maker:

    As the name suggest, these ants can be classified as masters of the ant world. A Ravoux’s Slave Maker queen can go to any possible extent to conquer other ant colonies. Ravoux’s Slave Maker ants are found all across Europe.

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    Red Harvester Ants:

    Also known as Maricopa Ants, the Red Harvester Ants are so venomous that 13 stings are good enough to cause the death of a rat which is approximately 100 times bigger than a red harvester ant. For humans, the sting of a red harvester ant can be very painful and would require first aid treatment if the victim is allergic to ant venom.

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    Also known as Lesser Giant Hunting Ants, Paraponera ants can cause a lot of pain. As a matter of fact, victims claim that pain caused by the sting of a Paraponera ant can be compared to pain caused when a person gets shot.

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    Jack Jumper Ant:

    Jack Jumper ants are a sub species of Bulldog ants. Jack jumper ants are strictly carnivore and turn into scavengers at times. Sting from a Jack Jumper ant can cause excessive pain and even high fever in the worst case scenario.

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    Argentine Ants:

    Argentine ants are highly social and live in large colonies. This species of ants is so powerful that it can crack a block of concrete and damage crops on a very large scale.

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    Trap Jaw Ants:

    This species of ants is found in South African and tropical Asian regions. They get their name from the Mandibles which they use to hunt their prey.

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    Fire Ants:

    Sting from a fire ant can cause skin bumps which may get infected if not treated properly. A Fire ant’s stings can cause a burning sensation, which is that reason why they are named Fire ants.

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  • 10

    Red Weaver Ants:

    Red Weaver Ants are commonly found in the South Asian regions. Instead of feeding on crops like many other ant species, Red Weaver ants feed on small insects.

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