Top 10 Must have Linux Softwares & Apps

Linux is a free and open operating system. That is the reason why it became popular among people, as many programmers starting enhancing its features and made it available for other people for free. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that people can use it on Mac, as well as PC systems.

In order to make Linux work better, anyone can introduce a program and make the users comfortable. There are now a number of applications available which you can download and install in your computer, to make your experience much better.


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    Kodоs is a great tool for Linux developers, which you can use to create, test and debug different Pythоn language expressions. For its interface, it uses PyQt library and needs the Troltech’s Qt application framework to run on any platform.

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    Pidgin is an excellent chatting software program which allows you to chat with people from different networks, such as Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber and many more.

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    Crash Plan

    If you have deleted all your files from your hard drive and have Crash Plan installed in your computer, then you do not need to worry, as the program helps in story your data as back up on external drives. Just connect your external drive with your computer and transfer your data back to your hard drive.

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    Blue Fish

    Blue Fish is an excellent application to work on web designs and offer different editors to work on different languages, such as C, CSS, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, Pythоn, Ruby, XML, and also Matlаb. You can use the program on Linux, as well as on Mac.

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    If you are confused about which email client to use in Linux, then nothing can be better than to install Thunderbird, as it is a great e-mail, RSS, and newsgroup client.

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    Audacity is a great audio editing software program that allows its users to edit and develop new audio clips with ease.

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    In Windows OS, people usually use MS Office to use applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc. If you have Linux installed in your computer and want to use anything similar to MS Office applications, then you can use LibreOffice, as it allows its users to use almost the same applications as MS Office does.

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  • 8

    SM Player

    If you are having difficulty in installing a software program, such as VLC media player, to play different format videos on your computer, then you can go for SM Player, as it is especially designed for Linux, and can play almost every video format available.

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    If you are looking for a text editor with syntax highlighting option, then you can go for Kate. This program is really good for new Linux programmers.

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    Linux is lauded as one of the safest operating systems available in the market. Still they can get infected at some, especially when you transfer an infected file from Windows operating system to Linux system. In order to tackle such files, you can install ClamTk, which is a well known antivirus program for Linux systems.

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