Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Drugs

Drugs are bad for you and can hurt you in many ways – not just healthwise.

Being an addict, you might have been fighting against drugs with full commitment but every precaution and medication you take can fail eventually.

Taking drugs is easy but once it becomes a habit, it gets as hard to avoid it.

Understanding the drugs problem and realizing how important it is to avoid using it is the key. Unless you prepare yourself and know the reasons why drug should be avoided, you cannot put your life on track. There are several reasons to avoid drugs, but some of the most common ones should be able to help you quit it forever.


  • 1


    Health is wealth, but this wealth gets wasted when you start using drugs. Using drugs eats you from the inside and leaves you with multiple problems like lungs, liver, chest pain, cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

    If you want to live happily and without any major health-related problem, it is time to quit using drugs. Some of the most common diseases caused by drugs include Hepatitis, diabetes, AIDS, lung cancer, vision disorder, and asthma. Surely, you don’t want to ruin your health just for the sake of a bit of fun.

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  • 2

    Mental illness

    You get weak mentally when you take drugs. Almost every drug addict suffers from mental illness and is usually classified as a mentally retarded person. When you use drugs, your ability to reason and think wanes and you lose concentration on everything. Human brain, which follows a complex mechanism, becomes weak and you suffer from memory loss.

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  • 3

    Family life

    Family life, which depends on the active involvement of every member of the house, becomes upset and it is not just you who suffers; every other person living under a roof with you gets hurt.

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  • 4

    Drugs ruin your professional life

    Drugs ruin your work life, just like they ruin your personal life and family. No employer likes to hire a person having drug addiction.

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  • 5

    Social circle

    Using drugs will alienate your friends and even family members. Your social life becomes messed up if you use drugs as you do not get enough time to spend with your friends.

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  • 6


    Drugs can make you feel numb, and it becomes a habit for a drug addict to acquire enough material to use on a regular basis. If you don’t get the amount you usually take, you will probably steal and even snatch money. Most of the criminals are drug addicts too.

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  • 7

    Change in behaviour

    Drugs cause your behaviour to change and start looking at everything negatively.

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  • 8

    You lose confidence

    Your confidence level drops significantly after you start taking drugs.

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  • 9

    Bad influence on others

    You might force or beg others (your friends, relatives) to take drugs with you.

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  • 10

    Waste of time

    Drugs do nothing but waste your time.

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