Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer in your Community

Why miss a chance to make your community a better place for yourself and others? By becoming a volunteer you can do your part in the community. It gives you a chance to give back to society by helping others. There are many tasks that you can perform as a volunteer and many organisations and NGO’s that you can join. The community centres of any locality always appreciate those who are ready to help. Bring out the better person inside you and become a volunteer to contribute to society.


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    Doing good always gives a person a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. It will make you feel content that you are giving back by helping others.

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    Makes you responsible

    Volunteering develops your personality and gives you a chance to take responsibility for others. You learn how to think of others besides yourself.

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    Volunteer groups usually have a person leading them. You could be the leader of your group and learn to manage people and delegate tasks. It gives you the experience to tackle different situations and at times, resolve conflicts.

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    It provides a change of environment as it is a different scenery from your classroom or office. Try get in touch with the world besides your daily workplace and friends.

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    A lot of professional contacts can be made while volunteering. As different NGO's take volunteers, they can help you in your professional career by providing referrals and getting you through to different organisations.

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    It is a great place to make new friends. You will be spending a lot of time with a group of people doing a noble task and it gives you a great chance to make new friends.

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    As you come into this field, it increases your general knowledge. You get more information about what is going on around you in terms of challenges and situations in society.

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    New people

    Volunteering brings you into contact with different sorts of people. You learn to embrace diversity and accept differences. As you are helping cancer patients or senior citizens, you realise the problems of others.

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    It is a great addition to your resume. Community service always has a good impression when applying to colleges or for different jobs.

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    Do not take it as a task. It is a chance to do something new and different so it will be fun and exciting for you.

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