Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Miami

Miami – a city that is located on the Atlantic coast in Florida is an epitome of grandeur and thrives with tourists throughout the year. It attracts thousands of tourists and is favoured by most people looking forward to spend an enjoyable vacation. One can experience nature at its best while strolling on the sunny beaches that are carpeted with a magnificent layer of white sand. Here are some places to visit during a stay in Miami.


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    The surf capital of Miami also known as the South Beach is a place where one can have a highly enjoyable experience. The roaring ocean attracts plenty of surfers who display their skills maneuvering through the high flying waves. The South Beach provides a perfect atmosphere for those who are looking to relax and tan themselves. Even nature does justice to the place as the sun light reflects on the sand and illuminates the beach. The South Beach has got numerous side walk cafes, lounge bars, dusk till dawn clubs and roller balding pavements.

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    The Miami coach and boat tours gives a memorable experience of the city. The bus rides along the busy city streets and makes stops along the way, the historic Art District are one of the many places one gets to visit on the tour. Then there is a cruise along the bay what gives an admirable view of the skyline. The boat rides include a thrilling experience as the airboat whirls through the park.

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    Miami has one of the top zoos of the country. The zoo has one of the widest ranges of animals in the world because the climate is suitable for the animals to survive. A visit to the Zoo Miami is a fun experience for both children and adults alike.

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    Miami has one of the largest seaquriums in the world.  is one of the top visited places on the tourists list. The place is located in the middle of the tourist’s area, between downtown Miami and busy streets. One thing tourists should keep in mind is that, at least half a day should be spent on watching the sea mammals come to life  in order to enjoy the experience to it full zest.

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    A place for the whole family to enjoy is the Miami Museum of science. The Museum is located at the 3280 South Miami Avenue, north of the Coconut Grove. A visit to the museum is a unique experience and is a must go place for tourists vacationing with their families.

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    Although the Coral Castle is a long trip from downtown Miami, it is still one of the best places Miami has to offer to its tourists. The 1100-tonn coral creation is an experience like no other.

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    The Jungle Island is a great place for bird lovers, who can get an up close look at the tropical birds from all over the world. It is worth spending a few hours of the vacation.

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    The Miami GP Raceway is a great experience for those looking to practice their driving skills on their rented Go Carts. It is a racing experience like no other and one needs to experience the sensation in order to understand why it is highly regarded.

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    Wildlife fanatics are going to love this, the Gator Park is an attraction that gives a once in a lifetime experience to get a look at one of the most deadly predators on the planet, the crocodiles. It is also a home to other reptiles.

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    Joe’s Stone Crab is a place you do not want to miss out on your to do list. It is one of the most popular places to dine at. The restaurant is one of the landmarks of Miami and their chefs are experts in American and Seafood Cuisines.

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