Top 10 Ways to be more Optimistic in Life

Your attitude towards life has a great impact on your performance and mental health. If you face life with a positive attitude, you will be in a better position to deal with every day small and larger problems without getting weak or giving up. It is this attitude that makes success possible and belittles hardships.

It is very important that you adopt an optimistic aptitude so that you live a full life. This is good for your personal, social and professional life. It will also have a positive impact on your health when your mind looks at everything with positive aptitude. Luckily, you can always change for the better and modify your outlook. Our step by step guide lists the top ten ways to be more optimistic.


  • 1

    Forget the past:

    If there is anything in life which has to be forgotten at all costs, it is the past. Well, the sad parts at least. Let go of the grudges, breath deep and start a new day. If you cling on to the past, you will never be able to start with a  positive energy.

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    Believe in yourself:

    Give yourself credit for all the small and big things you have accomplished in life. Go easy on yourself. Self criticism is healthy only till a certain stage. When you start believing in your own abilities, only then can you make others believe in them too and stay motivated. Reforms should best start at home.

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  • 3

    Cherish the small feats:

    Not everyday is a jackpot. Set challenging targets for yourself and do not rush through things.

    - If you have met an old friend, spend some time.

    - Cherish the time available with family and friends.

    - Enjoy the state of being healthy.

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    Do not let go of any event un-celebrated; this does not necessarily mean something grand. When you reach a certain milestone, toss to yourself with a drink.

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  • 5

    Meet positive people:

    Make a point to be in the company of people who are positive minded, progressive and motivated. The company of these people will have a direct impact on your personality. They will also encourage you in hard phases of life and celebrate with you in good ones.

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  • 6

    Believe  in positive outcomes:

    When you start a task, do it with realistic positivism. Believe that it will result in something good and it will for sure.

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  • 7

    Acknowledge the good things:

    We all are blessed in some ways that others might be deprived of. This could include money, relationships, health and abilities. Be grateful for what you have. It will give you internal peace that is going to make you positive.

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  • 8

    Do something you love:

    Doing something you are passionate about changes the outlook of life. Choose a job or hobby that goes with your personality so that you do not incur any negative feelings about it and stay determined.

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  • 9


    Fill yourself with company of friends who have a young heart and can laugh out loud with you. Friends with positive criticism are better than the sulking jealous ones.

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  • 10

    Take a break:

    When things seem too stressed and busy, go on a break. Read a favorite book, buy a movie or go trekking in the woods. Relieve your mind of all the draining factors.


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