Top 10 Ways to help Increase Greenery

Environmental issues are often discussed on various international platforms. The threat to the existence of life due to pollution is no longer just a theory but a plausible event. There is a grave need to understand the importance of the situation and it can, in no way, be taken lightly any more.

There is a greater need of action not just at the mass level but at the level of individuals as well. There are many ways in which difference can be made, and earth can be made greener for the greater good.


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    Roof Gardens

    These are small in nature but it is an efficient and effective use of a small space that is available. It also provides a chance to have organic food of your own.

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    Better techniques can be employed in agriculture to ensure better produce. This is important to make sure that there is enough food since agriculture land is shrinking by the day.

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    There is a need to create awareness amongst masses on various issues that are related with the environment to educate them and help them move in the right direction.

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    Laws should be made in favour of environment and to bar destruction of our surroundings.

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    There should be stringent checks of construction methods. There is also a need to bar construction in areas crucial for the eco system.

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    This can save a lot of trees as recycled products reduce the need of newer raw materials and lesser dump sites. The more it is done, the better it is for the environment.

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    Wood Usage

    There is a need to reduce wood usage, to discourage the over cutting of trees that is taking place all over the world. Alternate materials like composites can be used.

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    New forests should be planted and the existing ones should be protected. In case of cutting of trees, there should be methods to replace them.

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    Parks provide people with a place to spend some quality time in fresh air. They  host all type of plantations, and significantly add to the greenery.

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  • 10

    Tree Plantation

    Everyone should try to plant at least one tree. It is the easiest and the best way to help make the earth green.

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