What is Iodine and why do We Need It

Iodine is an element which belongs to a group of elements called Halogens. Seawater, seaweed and few other minerals are the natural sources of this non-metallic chemical element. Its chemical symbol is “I” and its atomic number is 53 in the chart.

Iodine is an oxidizing agent as this element actively participates in making compounds. However, it is less powerful oxidizer as compared to other Halogens like fluorine, chlorine and bromine.

As it was prepared by treating seaweed ash with sulphuric acid, so one can understand why it is toxic in its elemental form. Due to this quality, Iodine is also used in medicines and laboratories.


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    Energy Level:

    Iodine falls in the category of those elements that play an important role in maintaining energy level of human body. This dark gray, lustrous solid element makes possible for you to utilise the maximum amount of calories and ultimately revitalise your body. Moreover, Iodine is also important for us because it improves the metabolism in our body. It produces different hormones and improves the functioning of thyroid gland. Ultimately, our body becomes efficient enough to maintain the Basic Metabolic Rate.

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    Reproductive Systems:

    Iodine is a natural element to keep the reproductive system in working condition. It plays a vital role in the growth of organs. During pregnancy, women must increase the Iodine intake otherwise there will be chances of still births, cretinism in babies or less movement and growth.

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    Anti-cancer properties:

    Another benefit of Iodine is that it reduces the chances of cancer. It has been confirmed that Iodine has the strength to shrink cancer cells. Apart from this, it also instigates the recovery process from conditions like breast tenderness, turgidity and fibrosis. Medical experts recommend Iodine in different therapies.

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    Drain out the chemical toxins:

    Iodine yields amazing results in removing the toxic chemicals from our body. It strengthens the immune system and performs as a cleansing agent in the stomach.

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    Thyroid and Goitre disorders:

    If you won’t provide your body the sufficient amount of Iodine then this deficiency will result into Thyroid and Goitre disorders. That is why you should plan your diet wisely to avoid shortage of Iodine in the body.  Seafood and dairy products are the instant and natural sources of this element.

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    Healthy bones, nails and hair:

    We need Iodine because it plays a vital role in keeping your bones, teeth, hair and nails healthy.

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