Wine Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

Amp up your next party with a Wine Spritzer cocktail, which is bound to refresh and rejuvenate your guests. A great way to spruce up your favourite white wine, the cocktail can be a unique alternative to serving plain wine in flutes. Made of white wine and soda water, with  grapes and sliced lemons floating in the drink, the Wine Spritzer can be made with pretty much any fruits you prefer, and can easily be tailored to suit individual preferences. In addition to being a great way to keep your guests happy before dinner is served, the Wine Spritzer can also be served with the actual meal itself.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: Serves 8 persons
Utensils: Pitcher, stirring spoon, cocktail serving glasses

– 1/2 cup seedless white grapes
– 1 lemon, thinly sliced
– Fresh mint leaves
– 3 cups/750ml white wine
– 1/2 cup/125ml soda water
– Ice cubes


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    Start by taking a large pitcher, and adding the sliced lemons, seedless white grapes, and fresh mint leaves to this. Make sure all the fruit you use has been properly washed and cleaned, to ensure that no grains of dirt or soil make their way into your cocktail.

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    Next, once all the fruit is in, pour the white wine into the pitcher, along with chilled soda water. The quality of the white wine matters a great deal when making the Wine Spritzer (or any other) cocktail, so do not simply add in a cheap wine, and expect the fruits and soda water to improve the taste – make sure you invest in a good-quality wine.

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    Now that everything is in the pitcher, add in a couple of ice cubes, and stir all the ingredients together with a stirring spoon. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated, and the pitcher has developed a chilled, frosted appearance, you will know the cocktail is ready.

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    Pour the drink out into tall, individual cocktail glasses, and garnish the cocktail with any fruits you prefer. Pretty much anything will do, like lime or orange slices, melon or cantaloupe balls, a sprig of fresh mint or sage, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, etc. Just make sure you add fruits and herbs that are small and edible – any large chunks will make for awkward additions to an otherwise enjoyable drink. Once you are done garnishing, serve immediately.

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