Difference Between Uggs and Emus

When talking about quality boots, two names surely come into mind, the Uggs and Emus. Both these brands are widely preferred by people around the world due to their high quality. Despite of the fact that both Uggs and Emus offer style and comfort with their products, they still have some major differences.

The main difference between both the brands is their type. You can call the Uggs as the original brand, while Emus can be categorized as a generic brand.

The other major difference between Uggs and Emus is in their price and quality. You will find the Ugg boots really costly, compared to the ones offered by Emu. Even though, both the brands offer good quality boots, yet, people prefer Emu boots over Uggs due to their superior quality, when compared.

When it comes to design and the manufacturing technique, Uggs and Emus are completely different from each other. The Ugg boots come with а single interlocking stitch, while you will find double interlocking stitching in Еmu boots.

Usually, the Ugg boots have flat soles, while Emus provide an arch support, which is yet another major difference.

Toe and heel parts are the ones that wear out quickly. Emu boots come with а double layer of EVA while Uggs only provide а single layer of EVA. That is the reason why Emu boots last longer compared to the Uggs.

The wool used in Emu boots comes from sheep in Australia, while Ugg boots are made up of different wool types that come from sheep found in different parts of the world, especially from Mongolia. Another major difference in the wool used in both shoes is the types of sheep from which the wool is taken. The wool used in Ugg boots is taken from sheep usually found on the mountains,  while Emus are made up of wool taken from sheep found in plain areas.


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    Ugg boots come from Australia and are made up of wool taken from sheep that live on mountains. The Uggs are used by people to keep their feet dry and warm during winter season.

    Image Courtesy: championcleaners.com

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    Emus originated from Australia,  they are made up of wool taken from sheep that live in plain areas.

    Image Courtesy: surfdome.com

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