How to Deal With Your Husband’s Jealousy of Your Friendships

We are all social animals who simply cannot survive without interacting with other human beings. Even after marriage, the need to socialise does not die down. A woman commonly finds herself in a situation where her husband starts feeling jealous of her friendships.

If you are one of the many women who are stuck in this complicated situation, there is no need to panic. Just relax and try to work out why your husband is behaving this way. Once you find out the reason, get down to resolving it so that you can get back to having a healthy relationship with your husband without compromising your social interactions.


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    Try to understand why your husband is feeling jealous of your friendships. Maybe you are spending too much time with your friends or keep talking about them with your husband, which is making him feel left out and less important to you. Some husbands are a bit paranoid and need to be reminded from time to time that they are irreplaceable. Be honest with yourself while accessing the situation and judging if you really are neglecting your husband because of your friends.

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    One of the best ways to find out why your husband is not comfortable with your friendships is by talking to him directly about it. Instead of beating about the bush, get to the point and say it. If he admits feeling left-out and neglected, assure him that nobody can take his place and that you are sorry for making him feel that way. If he is getting jealous simply because he does not want you spending time with other people, make him understand that living an isolated life will have a negative impact on their relationship with each other.

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    Try to strike a balance between your husband and friends. Allocate as much time as possible to your husband, in which you will focus primarily on your husband and being there for him. However, schedule a time to spend with your friends as well, though make sure it does on coincide with the time that you have set for your husband and husband alone.

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    If you feel that your husband is trying to take control of you, seek help from friends, relatives or a relationship expert. Try to learn some strategies that may help you to convince your husband to give you some space and stop being a control-freak. It is important to act as soon as you become aware of your husband’s over-possessiveness in order to save your relationship.

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