How to Impress a Girl through SMS

Impressing a girl! A lifelong ambition of many guys out there who want to look real cool in front of girls and even when they are not in front of them, they want to do things that would make girls go crazy for them. All easier said than done because impressing a girl will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, girls are complicated beings and you never know what is going through a girl’s mind especially when you are not in direct contact with her. You have to be a very smooth customer if you are trying to impress a girl through SMS as you will not really have a perfect idea as to whether she is really impressed by you or is just showing you that she is even though she is not. However, there are a few things that you can do just by texting to impress a girl.


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    The best thing about sending messages through a phone is that whatever you say, would more or less be straightforward. You don’t really have to necessarily wait for the Valentine’s Day in order to send love messages. You can do that on any regular day. Although such messages are not always going to be mushy, they might be amusing, comical, romantic poetic or filled with quotes. Such messages will convey your message in a nice way.

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    Girls really like to be taken care of so just a message that shows her that you are actually worried about her will feel her wanted and she will be happy to see that message. Just ask her if she has returned home safely if she just left work or her university.

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    Most of the romantic sort of messages that you receive these days, you might have received before from another source. The same could be said of your messages so it’s much better that you make your own stuff and make it look as original as you can. Always remember one thing. Keep it real and original. Girls are not the sort of creatures who would fall so easily for something that’s been in the game for far too long.

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    Everyday life’s routine literally takes a toll on everyone and the girl you are texting, might feel the same way. Be cheesy, corny and funny while messaging her. That is bound to make her feel better. In all honesty, have you ever met someone who does not want to smile after having a long day?

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