How to Hire Best Caterer for a Party

As the holiday season approaches, there are parties all around. Hosts want to get their hands on the best caterers. Choosing a right caterer is an essential part of party planning as it can either make your party a hit or a total flop. If you are not experienced in throwing parties, you will need to do some research to find a suitable caterer. It may seem like a simple task but requires some thought and time. Do your homework properly to find a caterer that fits your budget and taste. A bad caterer means tasteless food and poor service at the party. These few simple tips will aid you in making a right decision when choosing a caterer.


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    Decide the theme for the event that you are planning. You should be sure of the concept and idea before contacting the catering service. Decide upon a budget for the event and what part can be allocated to food. Also list down the number of guests to decide how the food should be served. There are a number of options including: sit down dinners, buffets, cocktail parties etc. You need to be sure of what each caterer is able to supply. Some only give food, while others also do arrangements and service. Keep all the things in mind before calling them.

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    It is always helpful to take the opinions of your friends and family. References can make the task of narrowing your search much easier. Recall some events that you have already attended and those that you particularly liked. Ask your friends for the caterers contact number and give them a call. Check any claims that the caterers make and ask around for their reputation. Also the caterers should have a license given by the legal departments.

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    After you have narrowed down some caterers and talked to them on the phone, it is time to do the food tasting. A reputed company will give you samples of their food to try. Some even give options to attend any function they are catering. Make sure to judge the taste as well as the presentation of the food. Check the tableware and clothes they will be using. A good caterer will be ready to do an alteration in the menu according to your needs. Lastly, do not forget that hiring a caterer is costly. You will have to pay for the food and the service quality. So ask the prices and taxes in detail.

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