Allergies: What Products to Buy

With all the various allergies bombarding the air around us, it is good to know that there are many precautions to take to help ease the discomfort. From the itchy eyes to the sneezing runny noses there are ways to control the amount of irritations in your home.

What products to buy: Bedding and Toys

Dust Mites burrow deep into furniture, mattresses and more. Therefore in order to be free from Dust mite allergies you have to buy specifically designed covers that will not allow the tiny little parasites into those crevasses. It is up to you and your personal choice as to what type you buy, whether it be the covers that have a thin layer of plastic between the material or if you rather have the tightly woven fabric. It does all work the same when preventing this common problem.
Keep a routine down so that you wash your child’s toys often as mites can easily hide in them.

What products to buy: Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers

A dehumidifier is an intelligent investment for those who have allergies to dust mites or mold and that live in humid places where these allergies can be a main difficulty.

Air purifiers are not good for really controlling your dust mite allergies as it is not air borne it only stays in the air for a brief time. But, if you have allergies to animal dander then this can be particularly helpful.

If you have allergies to outdoor plants and weeds the best thing to do is buy good thick filters for your air conditioner and keep changing it frequently so that your indoor air is circulated and anything that is airborne will be caught. 3M has great filters. Always remember that when choosing a filter you look for a high efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filter.

*The BEST rated air purifiers are : IQAir HealthPro, Alen 350, Whirlpool Whispure 45030

* The worst according to the Consumer Reviews was the ‘Ionic Breeze’

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